Tegernsee Dialogue 2020

Joachim Gauck speaks at the Tegernsee Dialogue 2020

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Tegernsee Dialogue 2020

On February 6, 2020, the time had come once again: macrosConsult GmbH invited the financial industry to the Tegernseer Fachtage in Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee. By now it was the 20th event and it was definitely a highlight! Around 70 representatives of the banking industry and related vendors and consultants were enthralled by excellent presentations by the speakers (mostly top bank managers) and engaged in intensive discussions among themselves. The topic “New Banking Economy” was not only presented as a typical challenge for financial institutions, but there were concrete examples of ambitious transformation projects. An absolute highlight for everyone was also the appearance of ex-Federal President Joachim Gauck, who spoke very authentically and approachably about the topic of “tolerance”. Of course, this topic, among others, was particularly present due to the current situation in Thuringia. Gauck was refreshingly direct in making it clear that what happened in Thuringia is unacceptable and that a particularly “militant tolerance” is needed to prevent it from happening in the future. (Coincidentally, ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was a guest at another event in the next room at the same time). Jens Bohlen from BLUEROPE Consult was again invited to moderate an expert talk. Here, thanks go to the participants Nadine Jonat (Postbank), Matthias Oetken (formerly N26) and Matthias Fauth (GEVA Group), who were incredibly motivating and content-rich and made the moderation almost superfluous. One can only congratulate Dr. Wolfgang Botschatzke, Echkard Häusler and Jörg Rösemeier (new management spokesman) from macrosConsult on the event and hope that they will keep it alive for another 20 years.

Conclusion: Highly recommended.

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