beyond IT circle zum Thema Sicherheit in Starnberg

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The beyond IT circle in November 2019 at the hotel “La Villa” in Starnberg was a successful event. “Security” was the theme of the two days and was considered by the speakers from different perspectives. These views were certainly also non-technical, such as the presentation by former Allianz spokesman Emilio Galli-Zugaro on “Crisis prevention through leadership” or the remarks by airline captain “Manfred Müller on the question “To what extent can AI replace humans?”. Also a question of safety”. I was there for the first time and gave a (IT-technical) presentation on cyber security with a focus on “SIEM practical report”. This was particularly exciting for me when Viktor Graz and Michael Theumert from Hack-Care gave their presentation on “Actively countering threat scenarios” after me, and I was naturally curious to see whether these “white-hat hackers” would confirm my experiences and theses. Which in my opinion they did! The two once again provided a very descriptive overview of current cyber threat scenarios. However, they also presented a lot of concrete measures that users can take against this. I really liked their approach of combining regular forensic scans with on-site security awareness measures for customers. The discussions on the subject of cloud security were also exciting, and were conducted with very different assessments. The need to move closer to (public) cloud technology, coupled with the realization that the goal of “confidentiality” can then only be realized to a limited extent, in any case puts the user in a certain dilemma. The event was moderated by Dr. Kurt Servatius from businessforce Unternehmensberatung, who performed his task excellently and prepared the speakers very well. I would also like to thank the companies Engineering ITS (especially CEO Axel Späth), PENTASYS and Q_PERIOR for inviting me to the event.

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