SHE AG IT Lodge 2019

IT Lodge 2019 of SHE AG at the Paletti Circus in Mannheim, Germany

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IT Lodge 2019 of SHE AG at the Paletti Circus in Mannheim, Germany

On 26.9.2019, SHE AG from Ludwigshafen invited to the IT Lodge 2019 in Mannheim. CEO Dr. Stockmann and his team again chose a great location: the Zirkus Paletti!

Thus, “ringmaster” Stockmann opened the event in the circus tent in a matching outfit. Everything was of course perfectly and lovingly organized incl. Event app that allowed people to connect with their acquaintances right away. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was only able to experience the first two speakers: Dr. Hans-Joachim Popp (Chairman of the Executive Committee VOICE – Bundesverband der IT-Anwender e.V.) and Ulrich Geuss (Member of the Board, Janitos Versicherung AG).

Dr. Popp focused his presentation on the highly topical subject of cyber security. You could tell he could speak from concrete experience. Especially since the former DLR CIO is currently involved in IT projects at BwConsulting for the German Armed Forces in a direct cyber defense battle. Dr. Popp described the current regulations for the Internet as absolutely inadequate. He drew a comparison with the emergence of the TÜV after terrible industrial accidents claimed many victims and called for something similar for the Internet. He suggested legislation 4.0, which must, for example, prohibit customer data forwarding to third parties. Or BGP spoofing, by which consumers are harmed by criminal actors, can be prevented by effective control mechanisms.

Geuss – supported byThomas Neumann (Executive Manager Infrastructure Solutions, SHE) – gave a whimsical presentation on an IT transformation project to move Janitos IT to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. He was supported in this by SHE, which hosts and operates significant parts of his IT. For Janitos, Geuss achieved cost benefits of around 40% and a modern infrastructure with virtualized workstations that supports him in further digitizing the processes at Janitos Insurance.

It only remains for me to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Stockmann and his team for the event and the invitation.

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